Skedda Tutorial 
To open our booking system, Skedda, proceed to URL: 
If you have an account with Skedda, make sure to click 'LOG IN' in the bottom-left hand corner before continuing. 
Step 2 
Select the date you wish to book for using the drop down arrow next to the date. 
Check the room and time is available. If you're unsure of what room/hall you require, the max. capacity of each is written in brackets alongside it. (This is our max. capacity before Coronavirus. For our true max. capacity, please contact  
0117 987 8400 as it would now depend on which layout you require.) 
(If you already have an account and have logged in, you can now skip to step 4) 
Step 3 
It will now ask you to enter your email address to create an account. (If you cannot do this because you already have an account, please refer to step 1 and log in) 
Step 4 
Please complete the booking form shown below. 
As the error message states, you cannot book anything yourself if it is within the next 7 days. In order to book something within the next 7 days, please contact 0117 987 8400. 
Choose the repeat option if the booking is a recurring one (i.e. daily, weekly or monthly). If not, please leave this as 'None'. 
The Geoff Cargill Hall and Mendip Hall can both be opened up into one big hall with a max. capacity of 120 (pre-Coronavirus). To book this, you can select both halls. 
Please include a Booking Title with all bookings. 
Step 5 
Insert any notes which may be of use. 
Number of attendees include both the trainer and delegates - please include the total number. 
If the layout you require isn't included, please select 'Other' and provide details in the 'Notes' section. 
The Projector can be used in the Mendip Hall (both on its own and when combined with the Geoff Cargill Hall). 
The cost may be reduced for any of the following: 
You are a registered charity 
You are booking a recurring, long-term booking 
You are booking a Party 
You are booking out-of-hours 
If any of the above apply, please tick the relevant box shown in the image below and we will look to change the price if necessary. 
Step 6 
If you have already logged in, you can skip this step and select 'Confirm booking' 
If you are creating an account, please insert the relevant information. Please read our terms and conditions by visiting and click in the relevant box. Then select 'Confirm booking'. 
We will recieve a notification once you have done this. If there are any issues with your booking or the price needs to be amended, we will look to do so within 7 days. If there aren't any issues or amendments to be made you should not hear from us. 
If you have any questions, please contact or call 0117 987 8400 
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