Facilities Hire Terms & Conditions 
WE MAY CANCEL ANY BOOKING MADE WITH US WITHIN 14 DAYS. We will contact you if a booking is cancelled. 
1. Any miscellaneous charges will be added to the final invoice. 
2. The balance of the account is due no later than 30 days after date of invoice. 
3. The Centre cannot be held responsible for any disruption to meetings caused by fire alarms and evacuation, as these are beyond our control. Please familiarise yourself with our fire exits/procedures. Information available from reception. 
4. The Centre reserves the right to amend and reallocate booked space in order to remain flexible and accommodate the maximum number of bookings. 
5. The Centre regrets that they cannot be held liable for any loss, damage or injury sustained due to the act, neglect or default of the client or of any persons for whom the client is responsible. 
6. The client will be responsible for and indemnify the Centre against all costs for loss, damage or injury sustained due to the act, neglect or fault of the client or of any person whom the client is responsible. 
7. The Centre will not open during UK Bank Holidays. 
8. Please inform the Centre should you wish to bring your own refreshments, should you organise outside catering you will be responsible for clearing this from the room on departure. 
9. The Centre reserves the right to charge for any extra time incurred using the rooms outside of the times reserved. 
10. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building. 
11. Information you have provided will remain private and confidential and will not be passed on to a third party. 
12. You must contact us first when booking private parties or out-of-hours events that are less than 6 weeks from the date of hire. Anything booked out-of-hours within 6 weeks may not go ahead even if you have received confirmation. 
Notification of cancellations are to be made in writing and will be effective on the date received. 
Cancellations made: 
• Within 7 days of the event; the customer will be liable for 100% of total charges. 
• Within 14 days of the event; the customer will be liable for 50% of the total charges. 
Terms & Conditions for Private Functions 
These Terms & Conditions are more relevant to private hires. 
1. The person making the booking and that signs up to Skedda will be known as: The Hirer. The hirer is responsible for: 
Good behaviour of his/her guests and visitors and to ensure that they observe the civil law and licensing laws. 
The Centre’s property and is responsible for damage howsoever caused during the period of hire. 
The cleanliness and the removal of personal items from the Centre, post function. 
2. A refundable deposit of £100 (£50 for children’s parties) for damages/cleaning and prompt leaving, will be added. The Centre will be inspected on the next working day and providing the Centre is left in a satisfactory condition and there are no damages and you have left the Centre on time, the refundable deposit will be returned in full. The deposit must be cash and must be paid at least 3 working days before your party. 
3. The balance must be paid in full a minimum of 4 weeks before the booking date. 
4. The Centre reserves the right to cancel the booking if the final balance is not paid in full by the applicable timeline. 
5. Should the hirer wish to cancel the booking he/she must do so in writing at least 4 weeks before the booking date. 
6. If the contract of agreement is cancelled after the agreed timelines, the hirer will be charged the total fee for room hire and catering where applicable. 
7. The approximate number of guest must be submitted to the Withywood Centre at the time of booking. 
8. Exact numbers of guests attending must be provided on the day. 
9. Only Alcohol purchased from the Centre bar may be consumed on the premises, guests consuming alcohol bought from outside of the premises will be asked to leave immediately, this may also jeopardise your returnable deposit and future bookings. 
Bar opening times are: 7.00pm – 11.30pm. 
Lights are switched on and Music/Disco is turned off at 11.45pm. 
The Centre MUST be vacated by: 11.59pm. 
11. The Withywood Centre accepts no responsibility for property or goods deposited or left on premises or grounds. 
12. The Withywood Centre cannot accept any responsibility for damage to vehicles or theft of property from vehicles parked in the car park. Owners use the facility provided at their own risk. 
13. Withywood Centre staff reserve the right of admission at all times. 
14. Heating, Lighting & Equipment will remain under the control of the Withywood Centre staff at all times. 
15. The hire of the room(s) is/are subject to approval by the Centre Management and is only binding to both parties when approval has been given. 
16. The Withywood Centre reserves the right to refuse bookings at all times. Due to our licencing restrictions we do not take bookings for 16th, 18th or 21st parties. If you are found to breach this contract, the venue will be immediately closed, bringing disappointment to your guests and any money paid will not be refunded. 
17. If you are hiring a Bouncy Castle or other equipment (not from us), we will need a copy of the insurance agreement and terms & conditions. 
18. The Centre regrets that it cannot be held liable for any loss, damage or injury sustained to an individual due to the act, neglect or default of the hirer or any person of whom the hirer is responsible. 
19. The Centre cannot be held liable for disruption to bookings caused by fire alarms and subsequent evacuation of the building. (Fire Alarms are beyond the Centres control). 
20. Should the Fire Alarm sound please evacuate at the nearest exit. 
21. In line with government legislation and civil law, smoking is banned from within the building; smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking area. 
22. Access to the courtyard area via the fire escape is not permitted during functions. 
23. Due to license and insurance restrictions all guests must vacate the Centre by 11.59pm, as the hirer you are responsible for ensuring your guests leave in a timely fashion. Failure to ensure this happens will result in additional costs and your name will be added to a database preventing you from booking further rooms/functions in the Centre. 
COVID-19 Information 
COVID-19 – following the current pandemic, all Centre users must adhere to the government guidelines for which The Withywood Centre will be practicing. These include but are not limited to the following:- 
• If you are attending a training session or activity at the Centre, please go straight to your room please do not congregate in communal areas 
• The rooms for training or activities will be set out as requested and this will need to be submitted and agreed beforehand to ensure it follows correct social distancing measures 
• If a room is booked, the equipment will be set out by SBCCT staff and thoroughly cleaned before each session. SBCCT takes no responsibility for any contamination that may occur if individuals move equipment from the agreed room layout 
• There are designated spaces indicated by green circles situated on the floor around the centre for people to use when enquiring at reception 
• Where appropriate social distancing cannot be maintained within the building, face coverings should be used. 
• Please do not enter the Centre if you or any members of your family are showing symptoms and or are awaiting test results for COVID-19 
• If using the lift only one household should use at any one time 
• Cleaning schedule – communal areas of the building will be cleaned on a regular basis by SBCCT staff during office hours, these include lift, banisters, door handles and taps and flushes in wash rooms 
• Certain equipment/areas around the centre may be cordoned off and not be possible to use in order to maintain social distancing, please adhere to these restrictions. 
• Details of all delegates attending training sessions should be recorded and kept for 21 days by the event organiser 
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